Bloom Where Planted

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Don’t tell me you’re not special. Don’t tell me you never had a chance to shine. If you think that, you are not being truthful with yourself or those around you.

Everyday is a new chance to brighten someone’s day. Each minute of the day offers you the opportunity to shine a little brighter. You just have to look for those chances and be brave enough to act. You can demonstrate (even if just to yourself) just how special you really are–if you but try.

Take Spencer Zimmerman for instance. At only thirteen years old, what could he do that would be any different than any other teen-age boy in the world? He lived in a small town. He went to a normal school, like hundreds of thousands of young men his age. What’s so special about that?

Nothing is special about his situation. It just happens to be the circumstance in which he found himself. But Spencer did not lament the normalcy of his lot in life. Instead he decided to complement his surroundings and enhance them. He saw someone in his circle of influence and decided to brighten that person’s life. He noticed Dayton Hayward.

Dayton could not speak or walk. He had cerebral palsy and a serious seizure disorder. But Spencer saw an opportunity to serve Dayton in a way that became very special. Spencer approached Dayton’s parents with the idea of helping Dayton participate in a triathlon. Dayton became very excited at the idea and approval was given for the new team to participate.

After training for the event, Spencer and Dayton began the triathlon together. Spencer had to be very creative in finding ways for Dayton to complete each leg of the event. As Spencer swam one leg, he pulled Dayton behind him in an inflated boat. For the bike leg, he pulled Dayton in a cart, and he pushed Dayton in a special stroller for the run.

This brings to mind several questions to ponder.

  1. How enriched did Dayton’s life became through this outpouring of love?
  2. How special did Spencer feel seeing Dayton smiling at him the entire way?
  3. How grateful were Dayton’s parents to have someone befriend their special child in this way? (at just 13 years old too)
  4. And finally, how proud of Spencer must his parents have been?

I am sure each was never happier. It not only inspired those who personally witnessed this special kindness and act of love, but it is a great inspiration to us all. Spencer did not have to go far to find his specialness. He just had bloom where he was already planted. You can and should do the same. You are special too.

Chuck Gray
Living the American Dream

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