Are You Important?

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Are you important? Yes! Of course you are. No matter what your boss says. No matter what family members may have told you. No matter what anyone else thinks…you have great importance in this life.

You Are More Important Than You Know!

Are you important?You are important! How do I know that for sure? That’s very easy. There is simply no one in the world is like you. That makes you unique. That makes you rare. That makes you extremely valuable. That makes you important.

For God to make the effort to create you and give you gifts and talents and thoughtfully place you here on earth, in this place and at this time, means that He has a plan especially designed for you.

And, since God is perfect, His plan for you is perfect. He designed this perfect plan just for you. You are the happiest when you fulfill that plan. You’re the only person in the world that can fulfill God’s purpose for you – YOUR purpose. You are central to that plan.

Are you important? Of course you are. God planted within you the seeds of greatness and a divine destiny. Discover that unique greatness and divine destiny. Click To Tweet

You Are Important To Me

You are important to me because you are important to God. I believe God created all of us with a specific mission and destiny and if he created you, he had a specific reason and purpose for you to fulfill. You have great importance to God, therefore you have meaning and great importance to me.

What Makes  You Important?

You are important to me.
Are you fulfilling your God-given destiny?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Am I important?

I’m sure you have.

We have all questioned our own importance in the world. But I am here to tell you that you are a child of God and He loves you and cares for you and thinks you are of great importance. If not, why create you at all?

God has a special mission for you to accomplish and it is very important.

The question you have to ask yourself is,
Are you fulfilling your God-given destiny?

Why Not?

If it’s because you think you’re not good enough. That’s just not true. The approval of others should never decide who you are or what you’ll become.

You can listen to the naysayers and fail or, you can listen to God and fulfill your true destiny and discover your greatness.

The approval of God is enough. The approval of others IS NOT NECESSARY!

…there is one more person that has to approve of you and that person is YOU!

How Can I Know That I Am Important?

Simple! Find Your Greatness and you will finally approve of yourself.

Are you important to yourself?

You need to discover who you really are and who you can become. When you recognize how special you are and see purpose in your life, it changes your perspective and you come to see the Godliness within you. Then you realize how important you are.

As a child of God, you need to let your inner divine beauty and glory shine. Your light can light the way for others to find their way in this life.

Are you important?

Of course you are and your unique destiny is waiting for you to discover it. The seeds of greatness are planted by God inside you. You can discover your greatness and your divine destiny here.


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