Are You Important?

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Are You Important?

No matter what your boss says. No matter what family members may have told you. No matter what anyone else thinks…

You Are Important!

How do I know? That’s easy. There is no one in the world is like you. That makes you unique. That makes you rare. That makes you extremely valuable.

And, for God to put you here on earth, in this place and at this time, He had a plan. And, since God is perfect, His plan for you is perfect. He designed a plan especially for you. You’re the only person in the world that can fulfill God’s purpose for you – YOUR purpose.

Are you fulfilling your God-Given Destiny?

Why Not?

If it’s because you think you’re not good enough. That’s just not true. The approval of others should not decide who you are or what you’ll become. You can listen to them and fail or you can listen to God and fulfill your true destiny.

The approval of God is enough. The approval of others is NOT NECESSARY!


there is one more person that has to approve of you and that person is YOU!

How do you do that?

Simple! Find Your Greatness and you will finally approve of yourself.

Chuck Gray
Living the American Dream

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