Do Artificial Intelligence Robots Threaten The American Dream?

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Bad artificial intelligence robots – Will they rule over us?

Some say that Artificial Intelligence Robots (A.I.) is a threat to humanity and that the American Dream will be destroyed when robots take over the world.

That’s a very scary scenario – an artificial life form that uses its super-intelligence to rule over all the human race.

But I have different opinion. I don’t believe the dark side of artificial intelligence will overcome the intellect and ingenuity of mankind.

In fact, I believe that artificially intelligent robots will make us happier as they greatly enhance the quality of life we all enjoy as we pursue our dreams.

And in this article, I will show you examples of new innovations in artificial intelligence that will amaze you.

You’re Going to Want Each
of These New Robot Technologies!

What if…

What if I told you, there was a way to get all your boring and monotonous chores done – the ones you dread doing every day – what if I showed you how to get them done without you having to do them yourself?

Inconveniences like vacuuming, folding clothes, cutting the grass or shoveling snow, what if all these tiresome daily duties still got done but YOU didn’t have to do them?

May I present;

New Innovations in Artificial Intelligence
AI’s latest Technology

50 years ago we vacuumed using one of these old style vacuums. Now we let artificially intelligent robots do that for us.

Robot Vacuum 20 Years Ago


But automated robot vacuuming technology is already more than two decades old. It’s already outdated.


Enhancing the American Dream
Via Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that there is an artificially intelligent machine that will fold your laundry for you?

FoldiMateTM Automated Clothes Folder

It’s called the FoldiMateTM.

The automated folding machine can fold most laundry items such as shirts, pants, sweaters, towels, and the like.

FoldiMateTM has a folding capacity of 15 to 30 items, and can fold each item in around 10 seconds.

It also de-wrinkles clothing and will cost you just under $1000.

New artificially intelligent robots being developed these days are so futuristic and revolutionary, we can scarcely believe they are real.

Check out the Moley Robotic Kitchen.

Moley Robotic Kitchen Link

It’s is like having your very own Five-Star Master Chef fixing your household meals for you. Five-star Chef? How is that possible?

It’s possible because this artificial intelligence robot was trained by a Master Chef and can learn recipes, prepare complex meals and even clean up afterwards.

The Moley Robotic Kitchen has mechanized arms and hands that can grab and hold utensils, break eggs and accurately measure any liquid.

Dress For Dinner

Want to look nice for your high end 5-Star Chef dinner?

Use a Smart Mirror!

The Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror provides you with traffic reports, weather conditions, music and entertainment including social media feeds.

It works with smart phones to directly display your phone screen directly onto the mirror. It operates hands-free by way of voice commands and even has its own speakers to play your smart phone music playlist.

You can browse the web via Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing you to watch videos, interact on social media or see your calendar. It also works as a normal mirror.

Other smart mirrors can virtually adjust the color of your hair, or the shade of virtual makeup.

Some smart mirrors can examine your skin type and tone to recommend makeup that that suits your personal preferences.

The Modiface A.I. mirror is an artificial intelligence robot that instantly creates a digital likeness of you so you can “try-on” hair colors, eye shadow, lipstick shades and even remove freckles – digitally that is.

Watch The Video to See Real Time Hair Color Changes;

It’s almost like having your very own makeup and skin-care consultant right in your own home. Mostly available for commercial use, there are some consumer versions now available.

If you can’t wait for the home version, there’s an app for that. It’s called the YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Camera.

It digitally changes lipstick colors and other make-up shades on the fly, right on your live screen image.

Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for clothes?

The FXMirror immediately calculates your measurements and shows you a 3D likeness of your desired attire directly over your reflection in the mirror.

Watch the FX Mirror Work:

The FXMirror can also suggest appropriate sizes of any outfit and shows you, in real time, how that would look. Pretty smart for an artificial intelligence robot!

Home Exercise Workouts

Called The Mirror – This smart mirror lets you exercise with world-class fitness trainers right in your own home.

The Mirror Link

The exercise routines are live or on-demand and your friends can join you in the workout or you can exercise solo.

Don’t drive. Get fit with your very own personal trainer in the privacy of your own home.


And for personal indulgences, there is artificial intelligence that can give you the perfect massage.

Meet Alex!
~The Masseuse Robot~

Alex is a robot masseuse networked with other robot masseuses that exchange information in real time about the most current and up-to-date methods of massage.

This masseuse robot has two arms that provide massages according to your personal preference and Alex remembers those preferences and will even understand vocal commands like, “a little lower please.”

Alex is manufactured by Massage Robotics, but several other companies offer A.I. masseuses that provide a personal rubdown.

About that privacy we mentioned;

AI has even gotten into your house blinds. Smart blinds can now open and close automatically or even fine-tune the angle of the tilt of the blind blades according to the position of the sun, time of operation or personal preference.

artificial intelligence robotic blinds can also provide the perfect lighting ambience no matter the temperature or time of day according to your privacy preferences, comfort inclinations and ambiance needs.

You’ve heard of Smart blinds! Ever heard of Smart Glass?

All it takes is the flick of a switch and smart glass will change from transparent to opaque giving you the privacy or light levels you need in that moment. It’s not really an artificial intelligence robot. It’s a chemical reation but it’s neat technology none-the-ness. Click this link to see Smart Glass in action.

It’s perfect for offices that want to be totally transparent about what’s happening in the room or keep boardroom secrets secure.


Security is the focus of Sticker-Eye, a self-contained home security system that installs anywhere.

See How It Works Here:

It uses daytime and night time cameras with built-in AI that can tell the difference between persons, animals and objects.

When Sticker-Eye detects movement, the camera records the event and notifies you via live stream to your smart phone.

Built-in facial recognition software will notify you if the movement is someone you don’t know.

It uses rechargeable batteries so there’s no need for a plug.

For public buildings like corporations, schools, libraries and even stadiums, Global-Tec Enterprises has come up with ZeroEyes.

Watch ZEROEYES in Action:

ZeroEyes uses robotic artificial intelligence for the detection and identification of pistols, knives, rifles and other weapons in order to locate threats before a situation becoming violent.

Within 3 seconds, the system notifies school faculty and police of the type of weapon discovered and the whereabouts of that risk.

Food and Hospitality A.I.

On the friendly side of A.I., think food deliveries.

Here’s How It Looks on Delivery:

Autonomous food and package delivery in Europe is now being accomplished by, an on-demand delivery service.

Artificial intelligence merged with next-gen navigation technology now transports your food and other purchases directly from store to doorstep, automatically.

“Delivers.AI” has now fulfilled more than 5000 automated deliveries across Europe.

Uber Eats has done the same in the Los Angeles, USA using two services; Serve Robotics, a sidewalk delivery service, and Motional, a self-driving vehicle company.

Restaurants like Denny’s and Chili’s now have in store server robots that deliver your food and drink orders to your table and can even interact with you.

China boasts food orders being delivered by artificial intelligence robots from the ceiling above you and Japan provides A.I. service by way of a food runway.

Robot Hotel Video Link:

Japan also has a hotel completely run only by artificial intelligence.

Artificially intelligent robots help you check in, cart your bags, give room service and direct you to various destinations around the city.

As cool and this technology is, guests remark that the experience feels a bit lonely and they miss the human interaction.

We all know about self-driving cars, but cars aren’t the only self-driving vehicles.

BMW has created the very first self-driving artificial intelligence robot motorcycle. It can start, accelerate, make turns and come to a full stop without any human intervention. You can check it out. here. <Self-Driving Motorcycle>

In The Netherlands, self-driving boats called RoBoats are being developed as multi-use aquatic vehicles.

They are self-navigating and are designed with a modular configuration so they can link together to form a variety of waterway purposes such as human and cargo taxis, garbage barges, make-shift bridges and even floating concert platforms.

A company called Sea Machines has developed an adaptable A.I. system to turn almost any normal ocean vessel into an autonomous one – one that maneuvers itself without human control.

And descending beneath the ocean’s surface we find self-directing submarines.

Nauticus Robotics has created AquaNaut – an autonomous submarine that can change into a robot with limbs capable of executing complicated operations at ocean depths up to almost 2 miles. (9843 feet/3000 meters)

Underwater Transforming Autonomous Robot (LINK)

With cutting-edge artificial intelligence robot technology, it can function on its own without the necessity of long power cables usually needed as a way to supply uninterrupted power and allow human direction by remote control. AquaNaut doesn’t need any of that.

It’s autonomous and runs on high-capacity batteries giving it a 100-mile range, all guided solely by its own Artificial Intelligence.

Underwater A.I. not enough? There’s also artificial intelligence robot airplanes that pick-up, transport and deliver cargo.

Autonomous Cargo Planes (Link)

FedEx has partnered with California’s Elroy Air on an automated aircraft that takes-off and lands vertically.

The plane is designed with a 300-mile radius and it functions on its own, self-directed by onboard artificial Intelligence.

There is so much more that Artificial Intelligence has to offer that we can’t possibly include them all in one post.

But, there is a Dark Side To Artificial Intelligence robots which we talk about in our new video called, “The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence.

Thank you for stopping by.

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