How a Humble Construction Worker Became a Millionaire

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Living The American DreamYou’ve heard it before;

“You are free to become whatever you to be.”

You can pursue your life’s ambitions and create the life of your dreams.

If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it –especially in the United States.

The Land Of Opportunity

America is the land of opportunity. If you can’t figure out how achieve your dreams here, you’ll have even more difficulty in any other county.

But, to achieve that dream, you must try. Your dream life will not create itself.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter where you were born. Your current age, bank account, job or education all have little bearing on your ultimate success.

What does matter is, that you know and believe in a special mission in life that you are destined to fulfill and go out and relentlessly pursue that destiny – just as you envision it in your mind.

If you want be successful, Let me introduce to you a man who became very successful. This regular construction worker overcame many trials and hardships to become a millionaire and achieve his American Dream.

Humble Beginnings

Dale was the youngest boy of 6 children born to Owen and Willa Gray. Born in central Arizona, Dale and his family lived in a small house on an infrequently traveled dirt road.

Owen Had a Large Family to Feed and No Job.

With eight mouths to feed, Owen, did the best he could for not even having a job.

But, with great resolve to support his family, he offered to work for free if a certain builder would instruct and mentor Owen to become a brick and block mason.

As Owen become more proficient as a mason, he began his own masonry company. This afforded Owen an income for his family and also allowed his sons to learn a trade. This afforded Dale the opportunity to learn how to lay block, operate a business and of course, the importance of hard work – an important skill to cultivate.

Anyone can get a job and produce a paycheck. But, knowing how to work hard and profitably operate a business are critical skills to becoming rich and successful.

Let’s look a little closer at how Dale became a prosperous businessman and millionaire.

In 1956 Dale married Janice Stewart and moved into a small apartment behind his father’s house. He worked at laying block in the family business to provide for his young family. But as an employee, he had no equity in the business. He only collected his hourly pay.

This seemed fine to Dale for several years, but in 1963, disaster hit.

Disaster Strikes!

During an open-air ride on a materials elevator, Dale gabbed a steel cable for support that ran through a pulley. About halfway up as the cable ran through the pulley, Dale fingers on his right hand were pinched off at the knuckles.

With the fingers on his trowel hand now mere stubs, how would he be able to earn a living-laying block?

Dale and Janice had three small children under the age of six. Dale had only a high school diploma, and no college degree. The only skill he knew had just been cut off at the knuckles and the doctor could sew them back on.

This served as a huge eye-opener for the couple and caused serious introspection regarding the direction they should take with their lives.

They soon realized that their future security would need to be based on owning a business rather than on manual labor only. This was the beginning of a whole new adventure and destiny.

Something Had To Change!

Dale knew that there had to more to life than a job and a paycheck. This was not the future that he wanted or looked forward to. There had to be something better.

He decided to start his own masonry company where he could build an extremely profitable business that would provide financial security for his family for the rest of their lives.

As Dale’s business grew he built block fences, residential homes, large churches, warehouses and other commercial buildings throughout the state.

He designed a block laying assembly line style procedure and required his employees to consistently follow the efficiencies of that process.

He negotiated lower costs on brick, mortar, and other materials and purchased the materials in bulk (semi-truckloads). He stayed out of debt, bought used trucks and other equipment instead of paying new equipment prices, built his own equipment trailers and bought his own construction yard instead of renting. He even rented out part of his own construction yard to other contractors so they could safely and securely park their equipment each night.

Dale was raised in humble circumstances, had no college degree, no wealthy benefactor, a wife and 7 (eventually) children to support. At the young age of 26, he cut of the fingers on his right hand.

Irrespective of these life limitations, Dale became a multi-millionaire through hard work and owning his own business.

As profits amassed, Dale bought income-producing properties that gave monthly cash flow and financial security as well as an extremely comfortable living.

For him, this was the dream life – weekly fishing at the lake, weeklong fishing trips to Mexico, paying cash for personal vehicles and bass boats as needed and a large attractive home in an nice neighborhood. He was certainly living the American dream.

What Was It That Made Dale Successful?

The secret to Dale’s success was knowing what he wanted and relentlessly pursuing that dream.

Dale’s example is confirmation that you can do or be anything you want if you follow the formula. You may fail at first, there may be obstacles, but if you persist, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve.

Here’s my suggestion. If your desire is to become successful and financially secure, follow Dale’s example for living your American Dream.

America is the ultimate land of opportunity. We are the most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

Now’s Your Chance!

America produces more millionaires and billionaires than any other country. In 2019 nearly 700,000 new millionaires were created in the US. Click To Tweet
In America, there are no boundaries to your success but the boundaries you put on yourself.

It is my sincere belief that you were made to achieve wonderful things. Now you need to believe it and get to work pursuing that destiny.

Life is a great adventure – an adventure where in you discover your personal greatness.

Your true destiny is far more magnificent than you can fathom. Don’t avoid who you really are. Seek, pursue and fulfill you divine destiny and live the life of your dreams.

It’s out there, just waiting for you to arrive and claim it.

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