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Be The One Who Inspires Those Around You
How To Gain Respect From Others
And Improve Your Reputation

What Makes Someone Admirable?

What is the secret to having a great reputation? What is it that I have to do to have people admire me from afar? How do I become so cool, that when I walk into a room, people drop what they’re doing and come over to talk to me just because I’m me?

How To Be Admired By Others

It all boils down doing things everyday that are worthy of awe. In other words, everyday you must do things that are awesome – unusual things that impress people that you go out of your way to do that nobody else is doing.

You can’t be like everybody else. If you’re just like everyone else, when you walk into a room, no one would stop what they’re doing because you’re no different from the person they are already speaking to. If you’re the same, then there’s nothing special to draw them to you. Be stunningly, impressively exceptional!

Get RespectI thought about this a lot. And I have found, by careful observation that people, who seem to always have people flock around them, have certain traits and characteristics that are attractive to others. In my social circles I noticed that the type of people that get more than their fair share of attention when they walk into a room, do so because they’re different in a very good and admirable way.

These type of people have honed and refined their skills, talents and mannerisms almost to perfection and those desirable traits attract us in a very charming way. But what it boils down to is that they are engaging, interesting and pleasant to be around and when you leave the conversation you feel noticed, appreciated and better for the experience. You can’t wait to talk to them again.

Got Respect?So how did they develop those skills to make you feel that way. I can tell you right now that they worked at it and practiced it for many years until it became a part of their nature. It’s who they have become.

They are charming, gracious and debonair because they trained themselves to be that way.

Don’t think that you can simply read a book, memorize a few pointers and become the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers.

Just like any other worthy goal, you’ll need to start with the basics and improve over time. Little by little, fine tuning and honing your politeness, etiquette and protocols until you are elegant, engaging, interesting and inspiring because now you are different than everyone else.

Improve Your Reputation

Maybe that’s the key trait – Inspiring. When just being in your presences inspires another with the urge to be better.

Mind you, I’m not talking about putting on airs or being high-minded. I am speaking only of true personal refinements to the person you are – traits that convey poise, kindness and a noble dignity about you.

With that in mind, I made a video outlining 12 basic rules for gaining respect and admiration. After refining these skills, you can then add superior elegances and maturities to your personality.

Please enjoy our presentation of How to Gain Respect From Others – The 12 Laws of Respect and Reputation.

How to Gain Respect From Others
The 12 Laws of Respect and Reputation


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